Our Columbus neighbors ignite the entrepreneurial spirit

It’s been 45 years since “Negro History Week” , a brain child of Carter G. Woodson, expanded into Black History Month.

This year, the celebration of the contributions of Black people can be recognized right here in our neighborhoods of Columbus Ohio. We are home to “The oldest African-American company in the U.S.A.” now located in Grove City. E.E. Ward Moving Company. 226 South Champion Ave. circa 1951. Today, the “wagon shed” of the moving company business is the Ice House Loft Condominiums in Olde Towne East.

E.E. Ward Moving & Storage is the nation’s oldest black-owned business. This iconic business legacy should never be forgotten as it continues to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in today’s society. Dominique believes that if you want to control your destiny and create a legacy, you must work for yourself as John T. Ward and his son, William S. Ward did in 1881. She states,“I want to inspire others to expand their vision of life, business, and realize the endless possibilities of creating diverse income streams. 1881 Apparel is a movement that inspires others to dream big and to take action!”

The E.E.Ward Moving & Storage Co. legacy of enduring slavery, the U.S. Civil War, Great Depression, two world wars, Great Recession and 26 presidential terms will never be forgotten now that it is united with fashion!


The story of Black History Month begins in Chicago during the summer of 1915.  If you are interested in learning more about Black History this is an interesting read about Carter G. Woodson and the origin of history week.